Take The Plastic 0ut Of Life

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 The indiscriminate use of plastic products in our daily life is one of the leading causes of environmental pollution. You have often seen the accumulation of plastic bags on the highways which are a problem for pedestrians and pedestrians. We also have the practice of collecting trash and burning it.

  But have you ever wondered how the poison of plastic items in this garbage can poison the environment? The fact is, despite all this, we cannot abandon the use of plastic bags because They have become part of our lifestyle. How many plastic bags will we have in our homes that we can handle and handle, and after using them in time, make sure that They cause pollution to throw away with garbage.

  Taufiq Pa Sha, a social personality associated with the field of agriculture and horticulture, says, "An estimated we produce 12 to 15 thousand tonnes of garbage a day, and in the coming days the number may increase to 20 to 30 thousand tons. The only way to overcome the number is to change our lifestyle. Most of us don't even bother to sort it before throwing garbage.
I have tried my best to make sure that the garbage is sorted before being dumped. The rest of the food should be used for garden fertilizers while paper, plastic, and tons are used accordingly. Recyclable items must be separated. Also, batteries, energy savers and pressure bottles should be properly disposed of so they are not dangerous to the environment.

  "Today, I can proudly say that the plastic bags in my house are not known. Instead, we use cloth bags. We also use bees to keep the food safe," said a housewife, Shaista Nilofar. I prefer to use wraps made of wax. Even now I refrain from buying plastic containers.
There is no point in seeing the garbage pile on our side is increasing day by day, but it is a pleasure to highlight the thought of meeting this challenge in our new generation. In terms of trade and sales. Eco-friendly procedures and ideas are being introduced.
Faith Rangoon, a woman who runs an eco-friendly online business called Code Green in Pakistan, is also supportive of this idea.
She said that she was always against the waste of things - be it food, water, electricity or paper - the eco-friendly atmosphere of the ringworm did not end there. She did further research to promote this idea and Continue to look for people who are interested in using and selling eco-friendly items. "I wanted access to environmentally friendly things not just for me, but for all the people around the city who are serious about the campaign," he said.
That same thought resulted in Code Green.
We currently have several eco-friendly items for sale, including USDA Department of USDA certified shampoo bars, face and body soaps, lotion bars, deodorants, lip balms, etc. All of these products are made from organic ingredients. Have been avoided using plastic in their packaging.
In addition, they also have many items that are biodegradable. Paper, Washi (Japanese-style tape used for decoration) tapes, reusable organic cotton sanitary napkins, reusable food-wax wrap wrap, soda made from natural ingredients for laundry, Includes steel straws, farming kits, cutlery and shopping bags.

Australian-born Pakistani lifestyle style prince Rehman, also known as Desi Wonder Women, is presenting the campaign and doing his best to promote it through social media. People are going to be part of the campaign for which we are going to make it unique and exciting, and gradually we are getting a positive response.

In order to get rid of plastics and create a healthier environment, Faq Pasha offers his suggestions: "All major brands also have their own bags for preventing contamination of plastic bags and bottles and other Fossil fuels." There is a need to play a positive role. If there is a solution to the solution, then there is a better alternative to everything.
The use of Six-Packs Rings for pairing beverage cans is banned in many countries around the world. They started sticking cans to avoid the use of plastics. Similarly to avoid plastic packaging. There are a number of convenient alternatives that can be adopted, so just pay attention. ”
Large apparel brands and food brands are also participating in the campaign.
Whether it's the Biodegradable Shopping Bags in Sapphire or the Biodegradable Cutlery in a Hotel - Rangoonwala said they pack their orders in food or paper and deliver them. So according to Faqi Pasha, "we have to fall on the carbon foot nuts

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