Healthy Food To Loss Weight

10 healthy foods to eat more often to lose weight

  Read the list of healthy foods that don't make you fat because they have few calories and that you should include in your weight loss diet to lose weight easily.

  Eating healthy foods is good. As obvious as it is true. But is there the possibility of eating healthy foods to lose weight rather than not to put on weight? Yes there is. We can tell you about ten foods that will help you not only to eat healthy but also to see the needle go down.


    Eggs, like fats, are experiencing a second youth, thanks to new studies that certify that neither contributes to raising cholesterol levels (as some still believe) nor increases the risk of cardiovascular problems. Eggs are a perfect food if we want to lose weight because they are rich in protein and healthy fats, which allows us to be satiated with a relatively low calorie intake.

Green Vegetables

    Vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, spinach or beets are healthy and healthy foods and have different properties that make them an essential food in any diet. They are low in calories and carbohydrates, but rich in fiber and are perfect as a side dish, to increase the volume of our meals without increasing their calorie intake.


    It is one of those foods that always appears in these types of lists of healthy and dietary foods. These types of fatty fish (including trout, mackerel, sardines and herring) are very rich in fats and healthy proteins, as well as other necessary nutrients such as iodine. Just like eggs satisfy the ideal magic combination to lose weight: they fill a lot, but get little weight.

Cruciferous vegetables: 

    The vegetables of the cruciferous family, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage or Brussels sprouts, are rich in fiber but, unlike lettuce, they are very filling because they also contain a lot of proteins. You can cook in different ways to eat them as a main dish and not just as an accompaniment.

Lean chicken and veal:

    The meat has been unfairly demonized when, in fact, cuts with less fat are ideal for weight loss. Leaving processed meats (such as sausages) aside, chicken and veal are needed in any diet, because they are the ones that can really take away the hunger.

Boiled potato:

     Even if the potato is not usual among healthy foods for a correct diet, it has several properties that we should take into consideration. It is a very complete food, with a great variety of nutrients, practically everything we need to live. It also fills a lot.


    Low in calories, high in protein and low in fat. Tuna is perfect for a slimming diet. Also in cans, but in this case it is preferable to opt for the natural variety.


    They are rich in protein and fiber, they fill a lot and get little fat. Healthy and vegetarian foods include lentils and black beans (richer in fiber), although there is no reason to avoid chickpeas. The important thing is to cook legumes without adding fat.


    The more it fills a food in proportion to its caloric intake, the more useful it will be to lose weight. And the only thing that doesn't put on weight is water. Therefore, if we add water to our food, we will be able to fill ourselves more easily by consuming the same calories and eat less day after day. At least this is what some studies have shown.

Ricotta and yogurt:

    For a long time, people who wanted to lose weight were strongly recommended to reduce their dairy intake, given their high fat content. But, regardless of whether fat really doesn't hurt that much, not all dairy products are the same. One of the best is ricotta, which has many proteins and few carbohydrates and fats. Once again, it is a very filling and low-fat meal.

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