Drink Some Water, Especially Before Meals

Drink Some Water, Especially Before Meals

  There are moments of the day when we can make the most of the power of water to lose weight. Here then is how to organize your own "moisturizing" agenda that also promotes weight loss and fights puffiness. What we show you here are the minimum amounts of water to be able to use it to lose weight. To get an idea of what you're drinking, use a common plastic cup. Its capacity is usually 200 ml, so you can use it as a measuring cup to calculate, quite precisely how much water you consume.

Water to lose weight when you wake up: purify your intestines with 200 ml

   The first water to lose weight should be drunk as soon as you wake up, fasting, before having breakfast. The Japanese have always done it and, thanks to this good habit, they have among the lowest obesity rates (and a longer life expectancy). This is a real "intestinal shower" that deeply cleanses the body. Finding empty stomach and colon, after fasting at night, water cleans them more effectively and reduces the possibility of fermentation processes that are one of the causes of a swollen belly during the day.

Water to lose weight 1/2 hour before a meal: dispose of fat

   Half an hour before sitting down to lunch, both for lunch and dinner, you should drink 500 ml of water to lose weight, equivalent to two and a half glasses. This is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, as shown by research carried out by the American University Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. In another study published in Obesity, 84 strongly overweight people were recruited: one group had to drink half a liter of water before meals, the other could do it to those who sat at the table without drinking. This half liter of water will also be useful to get to the meal time with less need for food, allowing you to reduce portions.

Water to lose weight between meals: with 200 ml you reduce hunger

   In the morning and afternoon it is important to continue drinking water to lose weight, at least one glass. Drinking between meals reduces the temptation to squeeze out of hours and give in to the temptation of a sweet drink that does not quench thirst and makes you fat: sugar to be digested calls for more water, so you will still need to drink , makes your blood sugar rise and gives you empty calories.

Water to lose weight before going to bed: with an herbal tea you slim down while sleeping

   The last glass of water to lose weight (for example in the form of herbal tea) you should drink it about an hour before going to sleep: you will guarantee the body the necessary hydration to sustain the nocturnal metabolism, which takes care of collecting and preparing for the disposal of toxins accumulated during the day, but also to eliminate fats.

Do you do physical activity? You need more water

   What we show you here are the minimum amounts of water to drink to lose weight. But it should be noted that if you do physical activity you should increase the amount of water you consume by at least a couple of glasses. This is especially true in the warm months, when transpiration is also accentuated by higher temperatures.

With fennel seeds also lighten tap water

   Tap water is excellent for weight loss and constant checks by health authorities guarantee purity. For some, however, tap water can be heavy: just add a pinch of crushed fennel seeds and leave to infuse in cold water. The water will acquire a good taste and the digestive properties of the seeds.

Guide to buying water to lose weight

   Depending on the presence or absence of mineral salts, water can help you achieve specific results. We show below the most suitable mineral waters according to the problem. You can also alternate different minerals, which will allow you to recharge yourself with different salts and thus help your metabolism completely.

If you suffer from retention: choose the hypo-sodium

   It is a mineral with a low sodium content, less than 20 mg per liter. If you want to enhance the water purifying effect, also observe the fixed residue, which must be between 80 and 200 mg per liter.

If the waist expands: choose bicarbonate

   They are waters that have a bicarbonate level of more than 600 mg / liter, promote digestion and are indicated above all to be consumed with meals, alternating with low-sodium ones.

If you eat for stress: choose the magnesium

   They have a magnesium content of more than 50 mg per liter. This mineral supports the metabolism in times of stress and reduces hunger.

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